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Imagine how great you’ll feel years from today, when you’re sharing memorable photos and fun stories of your adventure-filled trip to San Francisco. If you’re looking for fun, unusual, creative or quirky things that make a trip memorable, then this site is for you.

I’m native Northern Californian and love to travel, but dislike crowds, lines, and wasting time on things that are overly touristy. However, I love spending time finding things that are not only fun and quirky, but safe, accessible, and sometimes edgy. On the other side of the spectrum, I also love to mix in a bit of luxury, just for a change of pace.

Finding the Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown is not easy and not what you think. Splurging on a new outfit downtown can be exciting, then have a smoked turkey panini and a bottle of Prosecco while sitting outside in Union Square. Or take a Cable Car to the Cable Car Museum, and watch the action of the cables that run the system, then have a BBQ Pork Bun in Chinatown. Or take a limo to Twin Peaks and drink Champagne after the sun goes down, while watching the city lights glisten (or the fog come in). Or, or, or. Find free things, cheap things, or expensive things to do. It’s all for fun … and fun for all.

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Use the links at the top (above) and explore. Also, you can SEARCH (top right) to find things based on keywords, names, or other criteria. Also, scrolling down, you’ll find Categories and Popular Posts for more ways to explore. Spend time time and feel free to make comments and also let me know if you have something you’d like me to review and post.

Remember, blogs are arranged with the newest info at the top and going back in time, so look for the “OLDER POSTS” link toward the bottom of each section. Click to go back for more, or use the links or search. Have fun!

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