San Francisco Bay Bridge from Yerba Buena Island

Yerba Buena Island is a short hop halfway across the bridge to Oakland. If you’re carless, take a cab and ask to go to Yerba Buena Island, but they may not know it by that name because it’s known more for the now closed navy base, Treasure Island. The island is divided by the tunnel that connects the two sections of the Bay Bridge; so getting to the spot where this photo was taken can be a little tricky, but if you enjoy exploring, remember, it’s a tiny island and it’s difficult to get lost. You can take the off ramp to Treasure Island, but watch for signs on the right (before going down the hill to Treasure Island) to Yerba Buena Island. Hint: it seems like there is only one main island, but each half has different names. Confusing, I know, but fake it, just go and take your camera. In order to get this shot, you’ll have to park and get out of the car and c a r e f u l l y walk up the road until you see this view. It’s a little mezmerizing; so take your time and soak it all up before you head back.

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