Maiden Lane – A Nearly Hidden Treasure.

Directly across the street from Union Square (on the East side), there’s a little gated alley called Maiden Lane. You’ll find a great little restaurant, Mocca, but it’s a little expensive and they only take cash, but it’s a great spot for a seafood and greens salad and a glass of wine. After your lunch, you can wander into the Dyptique store – the only other store in the US outside of Paris. It’s reputation is for the really delightful candles they sell. They’re truly amazing and price, but they last a looooong time. $50 for a candle seems like a stretch, but go in and tell then I sent you and you just want to smell a few.

After that, walk across the street and you’ll see a gold brick building with an archway doorway. It’s a gallery that’s open to the public, but the surprise is it’s one of the few Frank Lloyd-Wright building in the city. It’s the Xanadu Gallery and the inside is reminiscent of the Guggenheim in NYC.

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